eKosteus – subscription

86,00  (+ alv 24%) every 5 years


eKosteus is an online moisture management training for workers and office personnel in the construction industry. eKosteus summarises the basics on moisture management and increases productivity, improves quality and is an effective way to develop competence. 

eKosteus can be studied either at basic level (eKosteus) or advanced level (eKosteusPlus). The same order grants access to both the basic course and the advanced course. The training courses are self-paced. 

Basic eKosteus or in-depth eKosteusPlus? 

Basic eKosteus training course provides an overview of the basics of moisture management, moisture sources causing problems in construction, protection of construction products and unfinished construction parts, natural and forced drying. eKosteus is aimed at all persons working at construction sites. 

The basic level course includes a single training module and an exam. 

Duration: 1 hour
Language options: Finnish, English, Estonian, Russian
Validity of the results: 5 years

eKosteusPlus delves deeper as compared to the basic course into the dependence of drying methods on the season and weather conditions, expands the participant’s knowledge of legislation, drying equipment and drying time estimates, and provides an overview of the basic principles of the Kuivaketju10 model and information supporting the planning of moisture management regarding protection options available for unfinished structures. The training also covers legislation, statutory moisture management documents, specialist literature, concepts related to air humidity, and the variation of building pressure ratios in more detail than the basic course. eKosteusPlus is aimed at site management and staff members of construction companies. 

The in-depth eKosteusPlus training course consists of ten modules, each module is followed by a test. 

Duration: 8 hours
Language options: Finnish
Validity of the results: 5 years


To submit an order, you need the participant’s tax number, phone number and e-mail address. The participant’s tax number must be registered in the construction industry’s tax number register.  After order submission and when the subscription period changes, the participant will receive the login details and a link to the training system by text message and e-mail. The participant has one year to complete the training. The one-year completion period restarts when the subscription period changes.

A PDF certificate is issued for completed training. In addition, the training results are visible in the Zeroni access control system, as well as in the Taito Competence Register and on Valtti card, if the person is included under Vastuu Group’s Employee Management service. 

A subscription is renewed once in five years until it is terminated. A subscription must be terminated at least one (1) month before the start of the new invoicing period, in the online store or by contacting the customer service at The invoicing of a training order is based on the number of study rights ordered, not on course results. 

The eKosteus training course has been produced in co-operation with RATEKO, Suomen Rakennusmedia, Rakennusteollisuus RT and the fourteen largest construction companies in Finland. 
The price of the training course for members of the Rakennusteollisuus RT federation is €43/person + VAT 24% / 5 years.