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One Time Order

The eTeline basic training course for scaffolding installers reviews thoroughly the scaffolding installer’s work and scaffolding installation-related fields of competence. Completion of all parts will provide comprehensive information on scaffolding work, versatility of the work and tasks requiring special skills. 

Duration: 4–10 hours

Language options: Finnish, English, Estonian, Polish, Russian

Validity of the results: 5 years

Target group

The main target group of the training includes both beginner and experienced scaffolding installers. The basic course also provides useful information for the people whose work involves site safety, supervision, and work orders. 

Training contents

The course consists of three parts.  

In the first part of the training, basic matters are covered: occupational safety and occupational safety regulations, issues related to lifting equipment and correct lifting methods, working on construction sites and basic skills related to installing, dismantling and covering scaffolding. 

The second part focuses on work tasks that require expertise, such as weather protection, scaffolding plans, anchoring, loads, and safe use of scaffolding, as well as personal coping with hard work. 

The third part discusses fields of scaffolding work requiring special expertise, such as material lifts and aerial work platforms, consideration of asbestos and electrical works, and issues related to the assembly of special scaffolding. Working in enclosed spaces, tube scaffolding, inspection and commissioning of scaffolding are also covered in the third part. 

After each part, the knowledge acquired is checked by tests. The duration of the training depends on the trainee’s basic skills and experience.  


To submit an order, you need the participant’s tax number, phone number and e-mail address. The participant’s tax number must be registered in the construction industry’s tax number register. 

After order submission, the participant will receive the login details and a link to the training system by text message and e-mail. The participant has one year to complete the training. A PDF certificate is issued for completed training, which is also visible in the Zeroni access control system. 

The eTeline training course has been produced in co-operation with RATEKO, Suomen Rakennusmedia and Rakennusteollisuus RT. 

Members of Rakennusteollisuus RT federation get 50 per cent discount on eTeline.