eTiivistys – one time order

40,00  (+ VAT 24%)

One Time Order

eTiivistys is an online self-paced training course for concrete compaction designed for concrete workers and employees in the construction industry whose tasks include casting and compaction ready-mix concrete structures or designing and supervising the work.

The course addresses: 

  • the principles of concrete compaction 
  • the placement and compaction methods for different structures 
  • the occupational health and safety, and compliance with specifications in concrete work 

After completion of the course, you will: 

  • know why concrete is compacted 
  • be familiar with the factors affecting the compaction result 
  • recognise the required measures before casting and on the day of casting the concrete 
  • know how the casting methods differ between different concrete structures. 

Duration: about 80 minutes 

Language options: Finnish and English

To purchase the course, you will need the tax number, telephone number, and email address of the course attendee. The tax number of the attendee must be found in the tax number register of the construction industry.   

When the course has been purchased, registration information as well as a link to the training system will be sent to the attendee by email and as a text message. The attendee has one year to complete the training. A certificate of completed training will be issued in PDF format. 

The training is provided in cooperation with the Finnish Concrete Association.